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Knock's newest hand grinder sets the bar even higher, with a compact offering that doesn't make any sacrifices on performance. Designed to be even more compact and travel-friendly than its big brother, the Feldgrindthe Aergrind still features the same 38 mm coated steel conical burrs and stepless adjustment.

Now, however, those burrs sit inside dual bearing mounts in a unibody milled aluminum casing. As before, grind adjustment is stepless and built into the upper portion of the burr shaft. Holding the lid in place, you can change your setting by rotating the handle, with a cutout indicating the number on the lid's dial for reference. In total we find the ideal grind range is covered by the first 5 revolutions of adjustment, with each revolution translating to about 0.

Espresso, drip, and even french press grinds are accessible, however the smaller volume of the hopper and grinds catch make the Aergrind better suited to smaller doses and single cup brews. The Aergrind is porcelain sanitary ware designed to fit inside the plunger of an Aeropress coffee makermaking for a compact travel coffee setup.

The hopper holds about 30 grams of beans, and the grinds catch holds about grams at a drip grind revolutions. For cleaning, we recommend wiping down parts with a soft, damp cloth and drying thoroughly, and cleaning the burrs using a pipe cleaner or similarly soft-bristled brush. Christine Z. Verified Buyer Verified Reviewer. Was this review helpful? Wyatt M. Dan M. Andrew T. Ray T.Uncompromised Quality Through personal farm relationships we build quality from the start.

Our integrated approach connects all stages to create excellent coffee: sourcing, roasting and serving the perfect cup. Huye Mountain natural is one of our most flavoursome coffees. Notes of blueberry, winegum, blood orange, and sugar cane are all present in the cup. The mouthfeel is luscious with a lasting finish.

This is only the second year that Huye Mountain are producing a natural processed coffee. The result is simply stunning. Our Home Bean Box is a mix of g retail bags, with different coffees from various roast dates. The deal is that you cannot chose your coffees - you get a surprise box that keeps you caffeinated at home! They are working day and night to save lives and we need to keep them caffeinated. Flat White and Hot Chocolate served to go.

Open Daily: Close search. Home Bean Box. Coffee Subscription. This coffee is roasted for espresso but can be enjoyed just as much on a V60 or AeroPress. Keep them caffeinated!By lukeMarch 28, in The Grinder Forum. I have one of the new Aergrinds with the metal lid made in the UK. But very early days. Extremely fast grinding. Can't see movement on the burrs but it is hard to tell. Using 2. I expect a bit of seasoning will help with the fines. I tried at first at 1. Didn't test it for espresso yet however.

One thing I haven't seen mentioned on this thread, so may be new, there's a lot of wiggle on the handle when it comes to taking a reading, the wiggle isn't moving the shaft its not changing the setting but makes it hard to get a reading. To do it consistently I let gravity take it to the lowest value, this makes sense as it gets me closer to 0 when I have it fully closed.

How to use the Knock Aergrind

It is due to the D shaped hole not exactly matching the shaft. And its not actually a problem for me, I just wondered if its new on the new model?

I have no drift in the actual setting, it was very stiff to change settings and has become slightly easier to change settings after a few winds and unwinds. But There's no drift however which is the main thing. I can grind extremely fast, 30g in less than 1 min. Compared to the hario I had which took 6 or more minutes. Its also more comfortable than the hario, the grind quality is incomparable, the hario is very bad. The hario did get me good at hand grinding speed though which is the one positive.

Mine is one of the early KS ones for which I've recently purchased a metal lid. Espresso maybe a bit finer. I'm very pleased with it overall, especially how easy it is to grind a dose, and the cherry on top being that it fits inside the Aeropress for going to work, or overnight at coffee heathen friends! I just received an Aergrind this week, not had chance to use it yet.

Comes with no instructions, can you explain what you mean by 1. Is that how many full turns from a fully closed position when the burrs are just touching? There are definitely some quality control issues with the Aergrind. Mine was missing an o-ring which caused the setting to slip - it was something I managed to figure out and fix but there are other issues people have brought up much like yours. It's a shame as the ones that are goods are great for their price - although if you dont need the travel size I would recommend the larger Feldgrind as it seems to be to have a better build quality the original at least.

Would you please elaborate more on how you fixed the dial slippage problem. Which o-ring you mean? Seems to be the problem on mine too? I will copy him in Dylan. You can post now and register later.For a long time, my go-to hand-grinder has been made by Knock, which produces a range of top-quality hand-grinders. I wrote a comprehensive article about Woody two years ago and since then both Woody and Red have received extensive use.

This gives far superior grind consistency not to mention being easier to use when compared to the ceramic burrs used in entry-level grinders. Then, towards the end of last month, there was a knock at the door and there was the postman with a package for me. A cylindrical package…. Peter, from Knock, had kindly sent it to me so that I could try it out on my current trip to Chicago and Madison. Originally, my plan had been to complete the trip I still have another two weeks to go and then provide a full write-up of the grinder, based on my first-hand experiences.

However, after a week of continuous use, I doubt I will learn anything more than I already have, so I reasoned that I may as well write it now. So why the new grinder? In contrast, the Aergrind is significantly smaller, so small in fact that it fits inside the inner cylinder of an Aeropress. Even better, the handle is just the right length that it also fits on an Aeropress cylinder, meaning that the entirely assembling, including an Aeropress, is no bigger than an Aeropress. This includes the same metal burr set and the adjustable grind size.

This reduction in size does have one major impact: capacity. With both Woody and Red, I never had that many problems with capacity, but with the Aergrind, you really are limited to no more than grinding 20g of beans at a time.

A minor issue is that the cylinder is now even narrower than before, which can be a factor when trying to pour the beans in. The numbers, which are used indicate the grind size, are no longer on a dial around the grinder shaft, as they are for the hausgrind and feldgrind. Instead, they are written around the outside edge of the lid, which goes on the top of the grinder, a notch in the handle indicating the setting. However, since the numbers are on the lid, this means that the lid has to be precisely aligned with the grinder shaft.

This is achieved by having a square hole in the centre of the round lid, with a slight curve to one side in a straight line between the 1 and the 7 on the dial. In theory you line this up with the curved side of the grind shaft and voila!

Video Overview | Knock Aergrind Hand Grinder

The other difference is in the numbers themselves, which are etched into the surface. Black numbers, etched into a black surface.

I will, however, suggest to Peter that the next batch have the numbers painted as well as etched. In summary, all these differences are very, very minor when it comes to using the Aergrind compared to using either Woody or Red.

Whether you want to get an Aergrind or one of the other grinders or both! Pingback: The Coffee Spot is Five!

aergrind metal lid

Brian's Coffee Spot. A cylindrical package… You can see what it was after the gallery. Like Share using: Tweet. Like this: Like Loading Please let me know what you think.I stumbled upon this little guy on Kickstarter way back when at the beginning of It stands at about 6 inches 15cm tall and fits inside of an AeroPress. Feels good! Black Steel Burrs. Grinds quickly and smoothly. Easily Adjustable and Repeatable.

Easy to adjust and remember grind settings by simply turning the lid stepless adjustment of the bean hopper. There are numbered markings with dots in between on the lid see photo above for easily repeatable settings. For example 3.

This is something Knock is well-known for and certainly beats the method of counting clicks from zero, as so many hand grinders do. That was a big selling point for me and has been great when switching between methods. Fear not. The consistency of this little guy is great. The results are there to show for it. Over that last month or so, brew times have continued to decrease as the burrs has have become more seasoned, even further reducing the fines in the grind.

For the price, the Aergrind seems unbeatable. I love mine, and foresee using it for many years to come. As a Kickstarter backer, I feel like I got away with robbery. If I ever buy another hand grinder, I will most certainly look at Knock first maybe the larger Feldgrind…. Buy it here! Prima or directly from Knock. Follow Knock on TwitterInstagramor Facebook. Excellent blog right here! Also your website quite a bit up very fast! What host are you the use of? Can I am getting your affiliate hyperlink for your host?

I desire my website loaded up as quickly as yours lol. Like Like. My blog is hosted by WordPress. I must spend some time studying much more or figuring out more. Thanks for magnificent information I used to be looking for this information for my mission.

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You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email.A prototype is a preliminary model of something. Projects that offer physical products need to show backers documentation of a working prototype.

Though the development process can vary for each project, these are the stages we typically see:. Explorations that test ideas and functionality. Demonstrates the functionality of the final product, but looks different. Looks like the final product, but is not functional.

Appearance and function match the final product, but is made with different manufacturing methods. Appearance, function, and manufacturing methods match the final product. The Aergrind is our new compact coffee grinder - it aims to bring the technology and grind quality that we at Knock have honed through our previous designs to a wider audience by being the first of our grinders that are truly scalable for volume production.

The quality of your coffee's grind is directly linked to the flavour in your cup. Put simply A son-of-Feldgrind design, the Aergrind will bring 3rd Wave, cafe-quality grinding to wherever you and your imagination can take you. And all that at a price which will re-set market expectations. A compact grinder that is slim enough to fit inside an Aeropress tmthe Aergrind will be the go-to grinder for an entire generation of coffee enthusiasts.

aergrind metal lid

Our specially hardened black steel burrs not blunt and breakable cheap ceramic running on food-grade bearings means a durable grinder that is good for hundreds of kilograms of coffee - years of trouble free consistent grinding. And it's that consistency that makes for better tasting coffee. You will also know that you are enabling Knock to grow our team, develop our retail network and enable us to realise the benefit of our innovation and intellectual property.

The funds raised will immediately enable us to hit higher volume orders that significantly reduce machining costs. They will also allow us to pay for the custom dial lid mould - we have costed for a single cavity as a minimum but achieving our higher aims will yield enough to pay for multiple cavity mould that again reduce overall costs which itself has benefits post Kickstarter by putting us in a great position to keep the eventual retail costs down.

Importantly your investment will also bring in staff to match the challenges that an addtional project of this scale will bring - initially it will allow us to hire a dedicated customer service person to deal with the project processing. It will then also allow us to bring in and train more assembly and packing employees.

It is expected that these roles will then be developed into long term positions in support of the growing retail and wholesale business that the Aergrind will generate. Real jobs in a growing industry. We are limiting the total amount of Aergrinds available through Kickstarter to units. In combination with ordering enough parts in our first order run to accommodate same again in the post Kickstarter delivery period, this will ensure we can achieve the delivery time-frame targets - an open-ended offering would cause delays while specialist suppliers find production time for previously unspecified volumes the number of burrs sets for example is already well within our partner's capacity and our own ordering schedule.

The scale of the additional parts order will be used to ensure availability to those who come too late to be part of this Aergrind release but nevertheless will want to order what we are confident will be the best compact grinder around.

Having made 2 of the most successful hand grinders of the last 5 years, the Hausgrind and the Feldgrind, we know how to design a grinder! We also have deep, real world experience of what can go wrong in translating grinder design from CAD to actual production not only from our grinder manufacture experience, but also from our other goods which have used multiple methods of production e.

Primary problems in high quality grinder manufacture arise around fit and alignment of burrs to grinder body - we are using the same burrs, both in production and processing companies, from our current grinders to ensure that this critical part is not a variable we have had s of these pass through our hands in the last few years and have data and experience to match. Our machining companies have been selected from our experience in other areas of high value industrial engineering production.

In simplifying our design for the Aergrind we have deliberately minimised the number of moulded parts, preferring to rely on machined body and mechanism. Aside from the benefits in strength and finish quality this will bring to the Aergrind, this also benefits the Kickstarter process by removing extremely time consuming and expensive issues that arise from part-to-part fit, which have to be dealt with sequentially.

Furthermore, we have sequenced the production to ensure that where there is a moulded to machined part fit, the latter's machine run is started pending the actual arrival of the production moulded piece. This allows any for micro variations in fit to be accommodated in the machined part. The additional cost of fast-tracking the moulded parts to achieve this has been factored into costs.

We are limiting our maximum offer of this grinder for Kickstarter rather than leaving it open to ensure that we don't exceed numbers of grinders that we can realistically build in the delivery time frame. However we have modelled this project to allow us to order considerably more parts than are required to make this limited run.

These additional parts are our guarantee on covering any damaged or substandard parts that are delivered - the scale of this "over" order is such that the it will further form the initial stock for subsequent full price availability via our webstore and our current wholesale network. Cosmetic problems such inconsistent colour finish are being avoided by specifying identical material source, tolerancing and even tool type and speed used to produce the 2 main body parts - this will mean that both body parts then receive the same treatment regardless of their function, both in machining and anodising.A few weeks ago, I decided to upgrade my manual brew set by replacing my good old Hario Skerton - for obvious reasons.

The main problem with it is that the axis is not fixed at two points. Hence, the decent, entry level ceramic burr grinder is not capable in providing the admired ground size consistency without any crafty hack. So, I was on the lookout for a better construction. The following factors influenced my new weapon of choice:. The Chinese Timemore Chestnut is a promising player in the manual grinder market.

aergrind metal lid

It can be purchased from Amazon. The other German grinder seems to be an enhanced version of the Quito with a completely different and unique nitro burr set. I liked the way how easy it was to adjust the grind size during finding the sweet spot.

Of course you can readjust the dial during the process, but it's not ideal. While I was preparing this review, I found the same, half-official Aergrind setup manual in various coffee forum threads. With the crank arm in place, turning the dial to the right clockwise will tighten the burrs, making the particles finer; turning to the left anti-clockwise will loosen the burrs grind, making the particles coarser.

Turn the dial left until you can turn no more, and you have locked the burrs.


We would encourage you to refer to the settings using this formula - 1[turn] [dial number]. It helps everyone comparing grinds to get in roughly the same position. Grind a little and compare with what you know works for you. As you can see, none of the cons except the last I listed above could influence the quality of a cup.

So after around one month of daily usage, I can tell that Aergrind is worth its price. I hope I gave you some useful information about Knock's latest product.

Stay tuned, we'll soon be publishing a side by side comparison of several hand grinders that are available in Europe. Including the Aergrind of course! Works as a cloud engineer. Loves drinking and brewing filter coffee. Creator of specialty.

Happy husband of an amazing woman and proud dad of two beautiful girls. Knock Aergrind hand grinder first thoughts review. Besides that ceramics brake more often I needed the tool before the pre-Christmas chaos.

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