Batman fanfiction damian seizure


batman fanfiction damian seizure

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Sorrowful and Immaculate Hearts by Unpretty link. Hanging Work Lucy Gillam. The Joker Blogs Fan Film. Cat Tales by Chris Dee. Bruce Has a Problem link. Batman Kink Meme. The Batman Complexby themanbatman. Silver Spider Author.

Hinn-Raven Author. Kitt voice for siri Author. Lysical Author. Error In Judgment by Adrian Tullberg [specific continuity unclear]. Crazy Cat Lady livejournal link fanfiction.

Broken Code by Phillipe Bat Tales by The Storyteller [set in the Burton movies continuity]. Fear and Malice by E. Young [set in The Dark Knight Trilogy continuity]. Nerd by Night of the Living Monkey. Rewrite by Silver Pard. Strange Behavior by Rick Peterson. Necessary Force by paxwolf. Broken Glass by Panamint. The Salem Protocol by Esther-Channah.

Knock, Knock by Night of the Living Monkey. Crisis of Infinite Batgirls by bookwormwithanattitude. Cassandra Cain, the Batgirl by Dan Ingram. A Gotham Christmas Carol by bradp Brazilian Batman by Goldfield Link. The Survivor by Gladrial The Changeling by Silver Spider.First I want to apologize if there is any misspellings or bad grammer.

Sometimes I look over those, and please work with me. I'm also sorry if any of the characters are out of character. Dick should have seen it coming. He knew that, he should have done a better job reading Damian's body language. If Dick had not been there to catch him, the baby robin would have — no, he did not want to think about it. All that mattered, was that the young child was safe.

Damian grunted in his sleep from the touch of Dick's hand gently stroking his forehead. Even in his sleep, the little demon was aware of his surroundings. Dick had to be careful not to wake him, and he pulled his hand away once he was absolutely sure that Damian's fever had calmed down.

Carefully, Dick stood up off the bed and quietly made his way to the hall where Tim was standing. Why couldn't you and Damian patrol? Why did you need me to substitute for the night? Dick ignored Tim's snippy tone, he figured that he had gotten in some sort of altercation with Conner that did not end well and left the boy a tad emotional, "Damian's sick.

He probably just wants attention. Tim reached out and put a hand on Dick's shoulder, "You're doing fine, you just got to keep this up until Bruce comes back. Tim smiled, "I'll be in my room if you need me. Dick watched his younger sibling make his way to his room, and could not help but notice the Red Robin was walking with a limp.

The night went on without incident. However, Dick could not sleep. His mind kept wondering to Damian and Bruce, and he was just to distracted to fall asleep. Instead, he opened a book, and shoved some headphones into his ears and began reading. It was about five in the morning, when Tim knocked on the door and let himself in. Wondering what Tim was doing awake at this hour, Dick yanked his headphones off and asked, "Everything okay, Timmy?

It was Damian. Dick took a peek at the clock and realized that the fever medication must have worn off. With Tim at his side, the pair rushed off into the hall. Dick threw open the door and dashed into the room while Tim lingered at the doorway.

Dick rushed over and wrapped his arms around Damian. The child's skin was dangerously warm to the touch. Dick looked over at the doorway and spotted Alfred standing beside Tim. Damian's fever was obviously getting the better of him, as he started sobbing into Dick's shoulder. Tim brought his hand up to his mouth, in disbelief of what he was seeing.

At first he had doubted the fact that the baby robin could even get sick, but it was happening right in front of him.

batman fanfiction damian seizure

Tim took a few steps into the room, but stopped half way. He knew what it was like to lose a father, and seeing Damian like that — even though it was all because he had a fever and was not thinking straight — just seeing it. As Alfred walked into the room and handed Damian the medication, Tim turned his face away. He was crying, both for his own father and for Bruce.Hello my Mortem Venators a.

This is my new story, Lithium. I hope you all enjoy! Also, this story would not be up if it wasn't for my beta: Varishi! Go check out her stories. Anyways, hope you enjoy! I stood in the shadows watching the new Young Justice Team train under Superboy's surveillance. Where in the Hell was Nightwing? I growled softly at the mere thought of him being late; it wasn't like him to be. Next to the fact that a new threat was forming, and they were stronger than the Light, we didn't know what it is exactly.

But all I knew is that we need to be as strong as we can get. But we can't do that if the Team's trainer isn't here! I thought angrily.

I strode into the light of the training room and went straight to Conner's side. Continue training," I ordered. I walked out of the training room and to the Zeta tubes. I punched in the code for Gotham's Zeta tube before walking in.

Where is he? I thought as I was teleported. Please let him be okay.Author's note: Happy Halloween everyone. We've got lots of tricks and treats for you all. Gotham City, a dark and almost depressing place. Filled with tall buildings, gridlocked roads and cramped housing. Situated by the ocean with a large port and harbour. The woman was a red head about Dick's age with green eyes wearing a black armoured suit.

Her feet where encased in yellow knee-high boots with small platform heels, she wore a yellow belt, a yellow bat was on her chest and her hands, wrists and forearms where encased in a yellow gloved. The red head picked up a black knee length cape with a yellow interior conducted to a cowl that covered the top half of her head with a set of bat ears attached. She connected the cape to her shoulders before slipping her hair through a hole in the back of the cowl and put the cowl down over her face.

Jason nodded, driving off. The two soon got alongside the other three, driving through a series of tunnels and into Gotham. Nightwing and Red Robin were paired up in their team, Red Hood and Batgirl had separated when they got out of the car and Robin was on his own as well. She prepared to jump down into an alleyway And saw two female figures kicking the crap out of some muggers.

One was a girl in an all black leather outfit, almost looking like something from a fetish movie, while the other was a girl with long blonde hair in a black suit with purple accents. Both had yellow bats on their chests. While in her Batgirl suit. Spoiler washed with normal detergent. Seeing the woman was out of sight from the alley, Jason decided to do a civil service, by pulling out one of his guns. This is the quietist I have ever seen Gotham.

Dick and Tim arrived at the top of the building, seeing the other members of the BatFamily waiting.

The Pizza place went silent as they stared at the city's Dark Knights walking into the building like it was something they did every day.

But to be fair Jason and Bruce where standing in front of her "I'll take a meatless cheese, fries and a cherry Coke.Damian breathed in through his nose, smelling the smog of the city below him. He had done this numerous times, always above the city-scape of Gotham. This time it was different. He wasn't in uniform. He wasn't side by side with the Dark Knight or Nightwing. He had no grappling hook in hand. All he had, was a shaky grasp on rusted metal.

Damian looked down from the Penthouse Apartment his father owned. The man his mother told him stories about. The man he called father, is Batman. When he was younger, he heard those stories and hoped. Hoped he could be an equal to his father's eyes. Now what hope was left, was lost to the wind. This feeling inside of him, knowing that he was a disappointment, both to his mother and father, made him want to throw a tantrum. The frustrating feeling like he wanted to breath, save himself from drowning but failing at that too.

He closed his eyes, something heavy was starting to well up inside them, something he didn't want to let flow. His clammy hands, his rising heart rate, his labored breathing. He took one last sigh, before steadying himself. His eyes opened up the to the city below him, calling his name, mocking him to jump. He let go of the bar, ready to go into a free fall one last time. Great, the last person he wanted to see. Damian flashed a snarky smile, catching his intruder off guard with it.

What brings you here this evening? Don't you have patrol tonight? Or is too much for you to handle? Red Robin stood dumbfounded by the scene before him. The 10 year old boy who crashed into his life was now ready to crash out of it just as quick.

Tim removed his mask, looking over at the boy, watching as the tears fell from those empty blue eyes. The boy gritted his teeth, frustrated by this, this annoyance. Since day one, the two have been at each other and now, now "he" was here. There he went, snapping and going off like a rocket. His heart skipped a beat as he watched Tim's eyes grow in shock to the realization to what this situation really meant.

Damian was going to kill himself this was no show. Tim stepped forward, making his way to the younger boy. Damian leaned back a bit, heals now on the edge. Damian could hear his heart beating in his head, his mouth growing dryer as Tim walked closer to him, bridging the gap in quickened movements.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Delilah and Tim are oil and water but with Dick believed to be dead and Bruce's disappearance. The two confide in each other finding unexpected love. Damian was having a shit day, father was mad at him, Dick interfered with his mission, Jonathan was upset by a joke he made at his expense and Drake exisited. But the almight had plans for him, plans to make his life shittier and no Damian was not going to let a minor set back; ruin his life and declare him incompetent.

Damian sits up in the bed, still glaring at him like she wants to set him on fire for daring to imply such a thing. As you already gathered by the title, we have yet another excellent book that features Gotham's Dark Queen and her gorgeous princesses. At daylight, they're your typical upscale wealthy family that bestows refinement and intelligent to Gotham, and at moonlight.

They are predominant ladies of the sinister murk covering their city, fighting the good fight. Defending the innocent people from malicious villains and enjoying the companies of not only each other but their enduring comrades as well. It's multichapter serie of one shot related or not when the batfamily or and damian's friends protect himwhen damian is happywhen damian get along with his sibling and many others things.

After Delilah Wayne and Jonathan Kent take a break from their relationship. Both realizing that they we're meant to be together.

Damian Wayne being a BRAT

The protectors are dead. Years later their childrens will follow their legacy and protect what their parents have died to protect.

Kara Kent yes I know but in this book she's Clark and Lois's daughter she's sweet, kind, loves the country. Jason Todd adopted son of Bruce and Selina he's a hothead, loves reading, also likes country surprisingly and Kara's cooking. Also in this au Damian is genderbent into Delilah lots of Southern style. Also non important Selina is really motherly. Dickie had been moping all around the manor for the past two hours and it was honestly driving Damia up the walls.

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When 10 year old Damian presents as an omega for the first time, he suddenly finds himself exiled from his old life and on the run from his grandfather's impending rage.

batman fanfiction damian seizure

At his mother's advice he seeks out the pack of his father, the infamous Bathound, as his new home. It's a turbulent time in the young pups life as he has to navigate his new instincts, master shifting, and learn to fit in with a new pack that seems to defy all of the teachings he had been taught.

In one world, he joins his father and becomes Robin, all while battling the demons of his past by himself. In another world, he never suffers under the hands of Talia al Ghul and is graced with the presence of an Amazon and her family. He becomes their family. And yet he has. Three weeks. Three fucking weeks. Damian has lost everything.

His team mates hate him. His family is in shambles, his own beloved brother doesn't even remember who he is and his best friend has gone missing to then come back a different person. And now When life gives them something irreparable, both Jon and Damian have to learn to accept it, move on, and be there for each other.

Now, free from Gotham and attempting to take up a new hobby, she finds herself rescuing a little boy - heir to Ra's Al Ghul, the Demon's Head himself. It is not really like Damian to feel insecure. But the thing is all he wants is his brother to be happy. To smile. He loves his brother and his smile. Damian is sure his brother loves him back. There is no reason for him to feel insecure.

He struggled to blink his eyes open, as he felt like it required all his energy to just do that simple movement.

Damian hasn't been feeling like himself lately. He not sure what wrong, but he concluded it's nothing to fussed about.

Damian is given the chance he's been waiting for. After years of training he will be on his own looking for a villian in another country and building relations with the local heros who want nothing to do with the Justice League and any of their affiliates. To put it simply, make friends, study, and keep his emotions in check.

All without Robin. Damian is not a native English speaker. Although he tries his best, sometimes he messes up and forgets simple and easy words. And even, sometimes, he just can't understand a text or a document.

His family tries to help him every time. Jason Todd never became Red Hood, he stayed with the league to protect Damian. There are many things different in Gotham and back….

Manor or Nanda Parbat.

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