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He played a central role in the creation of the Liberal Party of Australiadefining its policies and its broad outreach. He is Australia's longest-serving prime ministerserving over 18 years in total. Menzies studied law at the University of Melbourne and became one of Melbourne 's leading lawyers. He was Deputy Premier of Victoria from toand then transferred to federal parliamentsubsequently becoming Attorney-General and Minister for Industry in the government of Joseph Lyons.

He authorised Australia's entry into World War II in Septemberand in spent four months in England to participate in meetings of Churchill's war cabinet.

Gavin Menzies

On his return to Australia in AugustMenzies found that he had lost the support of his party and consequently resigned as prime minister. He subsequently helped to create the new Liberal Partyand was elected its inaugural leader in August At the federal electionMenzies led the Liberal—Country coalition to victory and returned as prime minister. His appeal to the home and family, promoted via reassuring radio talks, matched the national mood as the economy grew and middle-class values prevailed; the Labor Party 's support had also been eroded by Cold War scares.

menzis wiki

Afterhis government also received support from the Democratic Labour Partya breakaway group from the Labor Party. Menzies won seven consecutive elections during his second term, eventually retiring as prime minister in January Despite the failures of his first administration, his government is remembered for its development of Canberraits expanded post-war immigration schemeits emphasis on higher education, and its national security policies, which saw Australia contribute troops to the Korean Warthe Malayan Emergencythe Indonesia—Malaysia confrontationand the Vietnam War.

Menzies was the first Australian prime minister to have two Australian-born parents: his father was born in Ballarat and his mother in Creswick.

His grandparents on both sides had been drawn to Australia by the Victorian gold rush. His maternal grandparents were born in PenzanceCornwall. This gave rise to his nickname "Ming", which was later expanded to " Ming the Merciless " after the comic strip character. The Menzies family had moved to Jeparit, a small Wimmera township, in the year before Robert's birth. Seeking a new start, he moved the family to Jeparit to take over the general store, [3] which "survived rather than prospered".

His uncle Hugh was elected to the Victorian Legislative Assembly infollowed by his father inwhile another uncle, Sydney Sampsonwas elected to the federal House of Representatives in Menzies's maternal grandfather John Sampson was active in the trade union movement.

Growing up, Menzies and his siblings "had the normal enjoyments and camaraderies of a small country town". The following year, aged 13, he ranked first in the state-wide scholarship examinations.

This feat financed the entirety of his secondary education, which had to be undertaken at private schools, as Victoria did not yet have a system of public secondary schools. InMenzies entered the Melbourne Law School.His parents became friends of King Edward VII [3] who at the time was rumoured to be Menzies' father, though this was probably [ original research?

Menzies was a nephew of Robert Stewart Menzies. But Menzies' father was dissolute, never established a worthwhile career, and wasted his share of the family fortune; he died of tuberculosis in in his early 50s, leaving only a minimal estate. Menzies was educated at Eton Collegebecoming president of the student society Pop, and left in He excelled in sports, hunting and cross-country running.

He won prizes for his studies of languages, and was considered an all-around excellent student. After a year with this regiment, he transferred to the Second Life Guards. He was promoted to Lieutenant and appointed Adjutant by Menzies' regiment was decimated during fighting insuffering very heavy casualties in the Second Battle of Ypres.

Menzies was seriously injured in a gas attack inand was honourably discharged from active combat service. He then joined the counterintelligence section of Field Marshal Douglas Haigthe British commander. In latehe reported to high British leadership that Haig's intelligence chief Brigadier John Charteris was fudging intelligence estimates, which soon led to Charteris' removal.

This whistle-blowing was apparently done very discreetly. Menzies was promoted to brevet major before the end of the war. He was a member of the British delegation to the Versailles Peace Conference. Within MI6, he became assistant director for special intelligence. Admiral Hugh Sinclair became director-general of MI6 inand he made Menzies his deputy bywith Menzies being promoted to full colonel soon afterwards.

He expanded wartime intelligence and counterintelligence departments and supervised codebreaking efforts at Bletchley Parkoverseeing the work of cryptanalyst and mathematician Alan Turing. Before the Second World Warthe SIS had been a relatively minor and uninfluential branch of the British government; budgetary pressures after the First World War and during the s of the Great Depression were the main reasons for this.

Menzies insisted on wartime control of codebreaking, and this gave him immense power and influence, which he used judiciously.

menzis wiki

Extensive breaches of Nazi Enigma signals gave Menzies and his team enormous insight into Adolf Hitler 's strategy, and this was kept a closely held secret, not only during the war, but until as late as Frederick Winterbotham 's book The Ultra Secret lifted the cloak of secrecy at last. The Nazis had suspicions, but believed Enigma to be unbreakable, and never knew during the war that the Allies were reading a high proportion of their wireless traffic.

Menzies kept Prime Minister Winston Churchill supplied daily with important Ultra decrypts, and the two worked together to ensure that financial resources were devoted towards research and upgrading technology at Bletchley Park, to keep pace with Nazi coding refinements, as well as directing talented workers to the massive effort, which employed nearly 10, workers by Danni is a very good presenter. For that program, a relaxed style is better. It puts the guests at their ease.

Danni is the best of the female presenters by far. She seems sincere which adds to her appeal. I have just watched Danni Menzies on the holiday programme helping a couple purchase a house in Minorca. You are a complete idiot. What an idiot you are she is a beautiful girl with a relaxed style. Plus she makes a lot of people happy. Your email address will not be published. As ofshe is around 32 years old. Danni Menzies is a Scottish TV presenter and host.

She is also a qualified horse riding instructor and a former model. Danni Menzies was born on September 14,in Kenmore, Scotland. She has a younger sister, Mia Menzies. She still loves taking care of animals. Her passion for horses also stems from early childhood: at the age of six, she started working for the village horse yard in order to pay for pony rides. She attended the Strathallan School in Forgandenny, Perthshire, from to She graduated with a degree in Textiles, Design, and Applied Arts.

Danni frequently travels the world for her job but has set up her residence in South West London. She frequently visits her hometown in Scotland, where her parents have now turned the family farm into a holiday estate.

She also modelled for Oxygen Models. She also spent a month in December in Berlin as a live presenter for Wella at the Trend Vision event. From December to Februaryshe spent three months as a presenter for the British Army. She is also the co-host of Town and Country. Danni is extremely fond of dogs and has a beloved Jack Russell dog named Kinky.Menzis is een Nederlandse zorgverzekeraar. Met circa 2,27 miljoen klanten cijfers jaarverslag behoort Menzis bij de top 5 grootste zorgverzekeraars van Nederland.

In totaal huisvest de organisatie ongeveer 1. De geschiedenis van Menzis start rond met een groep Arnhemse artsen, apothekers en tandartsen. Ze richtten een ziekenfonds op: de Maatschappij van Voorzorg. Deze Maatschappij had solidariteit als vertrekpunt: recht op zorg en medische hulp is voor iedereen beschikbaar. SamenGezond telde eind ruim SamenGezond helpt mensen inzicht te geven in hun gezondheid en biedt hulp bij het verbeteren ervan via een gezondere leefstijl. Het biedt een combinatie van wetenschappelijke informatie en coaching op onder andere het gebied van beweging, voeding, ontspanning, slaap en stress.

Ze focussen daarnaast op de 3 grootste sporten in Nederland, voetbal, hardlopen en tennis. Menzis is ook in de hardloopsport actief; de verzekeraar is sponsor van een aantal breedtesport loopevenementen in de regio.

menzis wiki

Menzis heeft kantoren op drie locaties in Nederland. In WageningenEnschede en Groningen. Uit Wikipedia, de vrije encyclopedie. Menzis Concern. Geraadpleegd 11 juni Zorgverzekeraar Menzis. Geraadpleegd op 7 september Verborgen categorie: Wikipedia:Geen afbeelding lokaal en geen op Wikidata. Naamruimten Artikel Overleg. Weergaven Lezen Bewerken Brontekst bewerken Geschiedenis. Gebruikersportaal Snelcursus Hulp en contact Donaties. Links naar deze pagina Verwante wijzigingen Bestand uploaden Speciale pagina's Permanente koppeling Paginagegevens Deze pagina citeren Wikidata-item.

Wikimedia Commons. Koppelingen toevoegen. Wageningen [1]. Rabobank Groep.Rowan Gavin Paton Menzies 14 August — 12 April [1] [2] [3] was a British author and retired submarine lieutenant-commander who has written books promoting claims that the Chinese sailed to America before Columbus.

Historians have rejected Menzies' theories and assertions [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] and have categorised his work as pseudohistory. He was best known for his controversial book The Year China Discovered the Worldin which he asserts that the fleets of Chinese Admiral Zheng He visited the Americas prior to European explorer Christopher Columbus inand that the same fleet circumnavigated the globe a century before the expedition of Ferdinand Magellan.

In his third book, The Lost Empire of AtlantisMenzies claims that Atlantis did exist, in the form of the Minoan Civilizationand that it maintained a global seaborne empire extending to the shores of America and India, millennia before actual contact in the Age of Discovery. Menzies was born in London, England, and his family moved to China when he was three weeks old.

Menzies claims that the knowledge of the winds, currents, and sea conditions that he gained on this voyage was essential to reconstructing the Chinese voyage that he discusses in his first book. This collision punched a hole in Endurance but did not damage Rorqual. The ensuing enquiry found Menzies and one of his subordinates responsible for a combination of factors that led to the accident, including the absence of the coxswain who usually takes the helm in port who had been replaced by a less experienced crew member, and technical issues with the boat's telegraph.

Menzies retired the following year, and stood unsuccessfully as an independent candidate in Wolverhampton South West during the United Kingdom general electionwhere—standing against Enoch Powell —he called for unrestricted immigration to Great Britain, drawing 0. Gavin Menzies had the idea to write his first book after he and his wife Marcella visited the Forbidden City for their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary.

Menzies noticed that they kept encountering the year and, concluding that it must have been an extraordinary year in world history, decided to write a book about everything that happened in the world in Menzies spent years working on the book and, by the time it was finished, it was a massive volume spanning 1, pages. Menzies sent the manuscript to an agent named Luigi Bonomi, who told him it was unpublishable, but was intrigued by a brief section of the book in which Menzies speculated about the voyages of Chinese admiral Zheng He and recommended that he rewrite the book, focusing it on Zheng He's voyages.

Menzies agreed to rewrite it, but admitted that he was "not a natural writer" and requested Bonomi to rewrite the first three chapters for him. Bonomi contacted the firm Midas Public Relations to convince a major newspaper to run a promotional article for Menzies's book. Menzies hired a room at the Royal Geographical Societywhich convinced The Daily Telegraph to publish an article about his speculations.

Publishers immediately began courting Menzies for the publishing rights to his book. At this point, Menzies's rewritten manuscript was only pages. Bantam Press stated that the book possessed enormous marketing potential, but considered it to be poorly written and sloppily presented.

According to Menzies, they told him, "You know, if you want to get your story over, you've got to make it readable, and you can't write, basically. The authors relied entirely on Menzies for factual information and never brought in any fact checkers or reputable historians to make sure that the information in the book was accurate.

After the rewriting process was complete, the book was at a publishable length of pages. Who could have charted and surveyed these lands before they were 'discovered'? In the book, Menzies concludes that only China had the time, money, manpower, and leadership to send such expeditions and then sets out to prove that the Chinese visited lands unknown in either China or Europe.

Although the book contains numerous footnotes, references and acknowledgments, critics point out that it lacks supporting references for Chinese voyages beyond East Africa, the location acknowledged by professional historians as the limit of the fleet's travels. Many of these extrapolations draw on his personal nautical background without supporting evidence. Menzies claims that knowledge of Zheng He's discoveries was subsequently lost because the mandarin bureaucrats of the Ming imperial court feared that the costs of further voyages would ruin the Chinese economy.

He conjectures that when the Yongle Emperor died in and the new Hongxi Emperor forbade further expeditions, the mandarins hid or destroyed the records of previous exploration to discourage further voyages. Mainstream Sinologists and professional historians have universally rejected and the alternative history of Chinese exploration described in it as pseudohistory.

Unfortunately, this reckless manner of dealing with evidence is typical ofvitiating all its extraordinary claims: the voyages it describes never took place, Chinese information never reached Prince Henry and Columbus, and there is no evidence of the Ming fleets in newly discovered lands.

The fundamental assumption of the book—that the Yongle Emperor dispatched the Ming fleets because he had a "grand plan", a vision of charting the world and creating a maritime empire spanning the oceans—is simply asserted by Menzies without a shred of proof The reasoning of is inexorably circular, its evidence spurious, its research derisory, its borrowings unacknowledged, its citations slipshod, and its assertions preposterous Examination of the book's central claims reveals they are uniformly without substance.

Tan Ta Sen, president of the International Zheng He Society, has acknowledged the book's popular appeal as well as its scholarly failings, remarking, "The book is very interesting, but you still need more evidence. We don't regard it as an historical book, but as a narrative one. I want to see more proof. But at least Menzies has started something, and people could find more evidence.

His book The Year China Discovered the Worldis a work of sheer fiction presented as revisionist history.Menzies' first professional television role, beginning inwas an eleven episode stint on BBC's long running medical drama Casualty.

Martin 's fantasy book series. Barriethe creator of beloved children's character Peter Pan. Dramatic comedy Hysteria featured Menzies, opposite Maggie Gyllenhaal and Hugh Dancyin the story of the creation of the first Victorian era vibrator.

First was director Benedict Andrews ' forbidden relationship drama Unawhich was based upon the play Blackbird from Scottish playwright David Harrowerfollowed by filmmaker James Hughes' experimental film The Velvet Abstractwhich saw Menzies provide narration.

In Augustit was announced that Menzies had been cast in director Emily Harris' adaptation of Carmillaa fantasy film based upon the Gothic novella of the same name by Joseph Thomas Sheridan Le Fanu. There is a remarkable performance, too, from Tobias Menzies as the slick supply-teacher historian, who believes academic success is merely a matter of tricks and spin. But Menzies also discovers a surprisingly attractive vulnerability in the character I missed the first time around.

One of Shakespeare's greatest innovations was to dramatise people's thought processes: the articulation of the mind's search for meaning and identity.

This is where Menzies' performance is most thrilling. He shows how language strives to express the self and to pin down the truth. Who am I? What do I think and feel? Menzies' delivery of the "To be or not to be Observe his face: it seems to mature, grow softer, more observant and expressive, and his death becomes a fulfilment as well as a failure.

InMenzies featured as Dr. Wallace Shawn 's monologue play The Feverwhich explored the main character's internal struggle with the morality of a privileged existence, saw Menzies perform to a micro audience at London's decadent May Fair Hotel in early The play, which dramatized letters between American poets Elizabeth Bishop and Robert Lowellfeatured two different actors each night of the show's run.

The production ran from mid June to early August From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. English actor. Menzies at the Outlander premiere in New York.Heather Margaret Brotherston Menzies [4] was born in Toronto on December 3,to Scottish parents [5] [6] who had emigrated to Canada after the war.

She had a younger sister, Sheila, and an older brother, Neil, who died in Menzies' first appearance on-screen was inwhen she appeared in the TV series The Farmer's Daughter. Menzies went on to appear in a number of television series such as Alias Smith and JonesT. Menzies was featured in Playboy magazine during in a pictorial titled "Tender Trapp", in reference to her The Sound of Music role.

Menzies married John Cluett in and divorced in She married Robert Urich in Urich and Menzies first met in while filming a commercial in which they got "married. Menzies-Urich was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer in November From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Heather Menzies-Urich. Menzies in Logan's Run TorontoOntario, Canada.

John Menzies

Carrying PlaceOntario, Canada [1]. John Cluett. Robert Urich. The Trentonian. Associated Press. Retrieved 11 October Los Angeles : Penske Media Corporation. Retrieved December 25, Us Weekly. United States: Time Inc. United States: Microsoft. Classic Images : February The Guardian.

Robert Menzies

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