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Netflix is a great streaming service and we love it for its selection of movies, series, and originals. The streaming service provides many genres of movies including comedyromantic, thrillers etc. We have carefully chosen the 25 best horror movies on Netflix to watch in Note: All of the mentioned movies are available in the US. However, if you are based out of another country, click on the movie links provided below to check the availability.

The Best Scary Movies on Netflix in Here, we have sorted the 25 best scary movies available on Netflix right now. We have included many of the sub-genres like classic horrors, psychological thrillers, zombie horror, cannibal horror, horror films based on books, and more. You can go through the list and pick any of them and watch it.

List of Best Horror Movies on Netflix 1. The movie is seemingly normal in the beginning, but the horrors are waiting as the film progresses. The movie gets even more disturbing with further discoveries of truth. At the outset, Get Out is brilliant at its depiction of race and psychological problems.

pregnancy horror movies on netflix

You should watch this movie for its spellbinding story. IMDb: 7. The Shining The Shining is a psychological horror film about a man dealing with his past trauma. To get away from all the unnerving feelings, the main character which is played by Jack Nicholson moves to a countryside hotel with his family.

But living away from the city, he starts to lose his sanity. The movie is a terrifying experience and feels much more real. You should watch this Stanley Kubrick classic for its epic climax. To sum up, The Shining is one of the best horror movies on Netflix and you should not miss it at all.

Check Out The Shining on Netflix 3.Sometimes you just need a good scare — and these horror movies on Netflix are more than happy to help. From stories about terrorizing young children hello Jacob Tremblay!

The 21 best horror movies to watch on Netflix right now

So, after gathering friends via a Netflix watch party — and plenty of snacks — do hold onto your popcorn tightly. You might just jump once or twice. And trust that there are even more ghosts, demons, and dark spirits who want to kill them. From crazed and murderous clowns to creepy dolls, there's a terrifying surprise in store within all of these Netflix horror movies. There are some classic scary movies mixed in with some new fare that you probably haven't seen.

If you're worried about disturbing your neighbors because of your horrified screams, you might want to consider watching a one of our favorite kid-friendly scary movies.

A videographer who takes an odd Craiglist job slowly begins to discover that his client is not who he says he is during this slow-burn thriller. This found footage thriller pieces together the day of five New Yorkers who attend a going away party that's disrupted by an unknown creature.

Fans of gore and body horror, this cult classic is right up your alley. Five college students are plagued with demonic possession at a remote cabin — will they make it out alive? Naive flower-child Rosemary Woodhouse feels isolated during her difficult pregnancy, and starts to suspect that her husband, neighbors, and doctor as gaslighting her.

Mia Farrow's breakout film is a must-see for all horror fans. New student Sarah falls in with group outsiders who practice witchcraft. Soon some harmless spells turn deadly in classic '90s teen flick. You won't know who to trust in this story. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, a desperate young couple seeks refuge at the home of a secure and well-armed family.

Based a wildly popular Japanese Manga, this movie has brilliant premise — a high school boy gets his hand a supernatural notebook that can kill whoever's name is written in its pages. A young couple is disturbed by the feeling that there is a supernatural presence in their new home. They set up cameras to document what's going on — to terrifying results.

This movie wrings a lot of horror out of a very simple premise: There are scary things lurking where you can't see. Based on a novella by Stephen King and Joe Hill King's sonit begins as adult siblings Becky and Cal rescue a young boy from a field of tall grass.

If your'e creeped out by hospitals, look away from Eliabout an year-old boy with a debilitating illness who checks into a clinic that says it can help him. But is the experimental therapy all it's cracked up to be? There's nothing creepier than a serial killer — except a killer at large that pops up periodically, once every nine years to kill again.

This movie is about a Philly detective who sets out to solve one such case, and figure out how the killer's crimes seem to defy science. At an all-girl's Catholic school, one student commits suicide, which leads them to bring in a psychic to find out why.

Secrets from the convent's past are dredged up, along with a few spirits. A brother and sister duo may talk the talk about having experience negotiating with paranormal activity, but it's all a game. When their plot for some extra cash turns truly horrifying, they find themselves fighting for their lives. Renting a haunted house for you and your friends seems like a fun Halloween activity, right?

This movie might make you rethink that one. This British horror movie follows four friends venturing through the Swedish wilderness. No one is safe from the supernatural forces outside of their tents. Is the Bye Bye Man real, or in their heads? Find out what happens when three college students are haunted by a supernatural killer in this dark film. Haley Joel Osment wasn't the only kid who saw dead people. Alia's little sister does, so she goes on a mission to learn more about ghosts haunting their home.

It's an Indonesian thriller, so you might want to turn on your subtitles for this one.More results The young family who moved to a new apartment on the outskirts of the city.

The nanny hired by them for the newborn daughter quickly gained confidence. However, the older boy, Egor, talks about the fr Hunter, a newly pregnant housewife, finds herself increasingly compelled to consume dangerous objects.

As her husband and his family tighten their control over her life, she must confront the dark sec LEE Kyung-jin is one of the most powerful figures in Joseon but has been faced with a family crisis — his sons were found dead on their first day of marriage. Left with only his youngest son, Myung A pregnant woman and her husband are taken in by a farmer and his wife after crashing their car in the Scottish countryside.

Agatha is set in the s in small town Georgia. A pregnant con woman named Agatha is on the run and seeks refuge in a convent hidden in deafening isolation. What first starts out as the perfect A pregnant woman, who is taking care of her son with development problems, is at her breaking point when a caregiver from the Philippines steps into her life.

As she struggles with the loss of one of her children, she starts to suspect something sinister is after her surviving ch An expectant couple's intimate weekend turns to terror as they discover their secluded country inn is a haunted maternity home where infants and mothers were murdered. Get horror news, reviews and movie recommendations every Friday! We respect your email privacy. Toggle navigation. Search 65 Pregnancy Horror Movies. Please wait Watch Trailer. Cynthia Creatures Pregnancy.

Latest Horror Reviews. All Rights Reserved.Have you cycled through all the horror films in your personal collection? And given the current wealth of streaming services, you can find many of them right online for your viewing pleasure. Here at Remezcla, we decided to help you curate your very own Spanish-language Horror Fest.

We scoured the web to find you streamable choices that go beyond the usual suspects. Available to stream on the Internet Library. The cast and crew hailed from Spain, Mexico, and other Latin American countries. Available to stream on YouTube. Available to stream on Amazon.

When applied to normal i. The brats soon turn up but are exhibiting some pretty disturbing changes. Are they possessed by Satan? Or have they just had too many Skittles. Two young girls are drawn into a dark fantasy world of witchcraft and evil spirits—but what begins as make believe soon turns sinister. Available to stream on Vudu. A group of young men on a hiking trip are shockingly and brutally besieged by the residents of a rural village when a local priest accuses them of being communist subversives.

Undead witches, severed hands, plastic surgery horrors… Something like a Mexican Eyes Without a Facethis surrealist chiller is a wild spiral into no-holds-barred delirium.

The story—about a witch who is murdered by her husband and returns to take gruesome revenge upon his new wife—unfolds in a torrent of searing, floridly expressionistic images. Available to stream on YouTubeAmazoniTunes.

When an aging antiques dealer Luppi comes into possession of an ancient scarab, the device imparts to him the seemingly enviable gift of everlasting life—but also awakens a newfound thirst for blood.

Available to stream on Netflix. Diana Daniela Ramireza pregnant woman with an absent husband, is feeling overwhelmed taking care of her first-born child, Martin Matias Bassiwho has developmental disabilities. However, Diana begins to wonder if her new employee is using her status inside the family to turn Martin against her. Motherhood is at stake when another matriarch comes into the house and disturbs the domestic hierarchy.

Available to stream on Shudder.

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Set in an apocalyptic alternate universe, We Are the Flesh follows a brother-sister duo who happen upon the filthy lair of a diabolical hermit, and quickly fall under his utterly demented spell.Being pregnant is a wonderful thing. It's a cause for celebration, happiness, and hope. It can also be a little scary, depending on the circumstances. That's one of the reasons why movies like to utilize it as a subject. By playing up some of those pregnancy fears, or inventing fictional ones, films can really get a rise out of the audience.

The juxtaposition of something amazing and something terrible is a pretty solid hook on which to hang a story. Many of them are in the horror genre. Some are not. Those that are create unnerving scenarios for their heroes and heroines to face, while those that aren't present authentic troubles that you can bet more than a few viewers will relate to.

Of course, scariness is subjective, but we're confident that you'll find at least one or two titles here that will give you a shiver, for whatever reason. Freddy Kruger went from being a terrifying villain to a wisecracking antihero the audience was not-so-subtly encouraged to root for.

Alice Lisa Wilcoxthe heroine from the previous installment, believes she has vanquished Freddy once and for all. That's exactly what he does, and before long, people are dying left and right. His ultimate hope is that he will be brought back into the world, stronger than ever, when the baby emerges from the womb. That kind of makes sense, given that a lot of people videotape their pregnancies, and sometimes even their deliveries.

The following morning, they have no memory of what happened the night before. Before they know it, the couple is unexpectedly pregnant, despite Sam being on birth control.

Over the course of her pregnancy, the vegetarian Samantha starts devouring red meat, develops ugly bruises on her stomach, and exhibits an intermittent sense of rage that goes well beyond the expected hormonal stuff. As several titles on this list point out, being pregnant with a devil-baby never leads to good things, and by the end of the movie, all kinds of tragic events have taken place.

They are now expecting another and nervously hoping nothing goes wrong this time. Things seem to be going well until they rent a room above their garage to a mysterious stranger named David Bannon Jurgen Prochnow. Unbeknownst to them, he is the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, and his mission is to open seven seals that will unleash the Biblical disasters upon the world.

Opening the final seal, thus ushering in the apocalypse, involves claiming the soul of the couple's baby. We'll avoid that spoiler here. Other folks take umbrage at the fast-and-loose way the movie plays with religious ideas. When the government halts his plans for human testing of the drug, he and his partner Danny DeVito steal a female egg, implant it into Hesse, and allow him to become pregnant. This is, obviously, a high-concept comedy designed to milk laughs from the sight of manly-man Arnold Schwarzenegger sprouting a big belly, whining that his nipples are sensitive, and experiencing morning sickness.

That's because the sight of a pregnant Arnie dealing with all these things is incredibly, unintentionally creepy. The movie may not be scary on purpose, but it is definitely freaky, especially when he's given an epidural and an emergency C-section.

Juliet Mills plays Jessica Barrett, the wife of a record producer. She has an affair with a stranger and subsequently becomes pregnant. That alone could cause big problems for her, but there's so much more.

pregnancy horror movies on netflix

The man with whom she had the dalliance previously made a pact with the devil, meaning that the child growing inside of her is the antichrist.

That would totally suck, wouldn't it? Now fertilized by the seed of Satan, Jessica begins displaying odd behaviors, like twisting her head around, speaking in a weird guttural voice, and projectile vomiting all over the place.The downside is one could not be expected to go through and curate all the available titles. Netflix is your cure and your burden.

pregnancy horror movies on netflix

Let us lead you toward the former. In the age of the massive grift, The Talented Mr. Ripley is a perfect film.

25 Best Horror Movies on Netflix You Should Watch

Set in Italy, imagine if Cruel Intentions were more prestige and took place mostly on a boat. Watch Now. David O. Starring Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper, the film tackles the struggle of loss, the joy of finding new love, and the very complicated path that is being a Philadelphia Eagles fan. Go birds. If you need a break from straight up horrorthere's always the surprisingly endearing zombie movie, Life After Beth.

Starring Aubry Plaza as a teenage girl who falls ill to a sickness that leads to her death, she comes back as a zombie who then wavers between human behavior and, you know, eating people. Wow, Ryan Gosling is a man in Drive. It seems that every young heartthrob has a film that involves masculine energy and cars, and this is his. Playing a stuntman and getaway driver, he dares to venture away from his normal—if you can call it that—life for a new neighbor who turns out to be more trouble than the situation is worth.

Sorry, but there is no better prison film better than Shawshank Redemption. Deeply affecting, the Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman feature chronicles the story of a man framed for murder and the friendship that he forms with another inmate named Red.

Velvet Buzzsaw is a glorious mess. Part gay fantasia, part art snobbery, and part horror, the film manages to be so uneven and ridiculous that it's a perfectly acceptable wild ride. Bonus: Toni Collette is perfect.So, without further ado, grab yourself some popcorn, turn the lights off and enjoy any one of the best horror movies on Netflix right now! This leads her to visit his old house where she ends up stumbling on a lot more than she bargained for.

The film was officially released by Netflix on 9 August and the sequel, Chapter 2, was released later the following year. Whilst on the island, he uncovers an evil secret more sinister than he can imagine.

The Baby - Horror Short Film

Apostle premiered at Fantastic Fest in September and began streaming on Netflix shortly after in October. Critics gave the film a lot of praise, especially for its cinematography, visuals, performances and blend of horror genres. The plot follows a small town in Quebec, Canada, as they try to deal with a virus outbreak which leads to a horrific zombie attack.

The film is about a young boy who tries to protect his two siblings from his psychotic babysitter. Hush follows the story of a deaf writer who escapes city life to find solitude in the woods.

pregnancy horror movies on netflix

However, she quickly finds herself fighting for her life when a masked killer appears at her window. The film premiered at South by Southwest on March 12,and was later released by Netflix on April 8, Mike Flanagan directed and edited the film and the screenplay was written by Flanagan and Jeff Howard.

The film stars Carla Gugino and Bruce Greenwood, who play a married couple that goes on holiday to an isolated house. Things turn south when the husband dies of a sudden heart attack and his wife is left handcuffed to the bed trying to find a way to survive. Carrie is a supernatural horror film, directed by Brian De Palma which was taken from a screenplay by Lawerence D.

The film stars Carrie White and Sissy Spacek and follows Carrie throughout high school as she suffers from bullying and abuse from her classmates. She then discovers that she might have supernatural abilities and things quickly take a dark and violent turn. Creep is a American psychological horror film directed by Patrick Brice and is based on a story written by Brice and Mark Duplass.

The film follows a videographer, Aaron, who answers an online ad for a job, however when he arrives at the house it becomes clear that this is not what he signed up for, and he might be in grave danger. The film premiered on March 8at South By Southwest and was later released on video by demand on June 23, The film stars and follows Emile Hirsch and Brian Cox as they examine the body of an unidentified woman and begin to experience supernatural phenomena whilst performing their autopsy.

Hayes and directed by James Wan. Paranormal investigators, played by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga, are called to a house where a supernatural presence has made itself known.

The film follows the parents of a young boy, who bizarrely enters into a comatose state and begins to become possessed by entities from an astral dimension. The film is about a punk band that find themselves witnessing a murder at a remote nightclub in the pacific northwest, and subsequently find themselves being attacked by neo-nazi skinheads. It was well-received by critics and is widely regarded by many as one of the best films ofgoing onto receive an Empire Award nomination for Best Horror in So, she decided to conjure a supernatural entity that turns out to be eviler than she anticipated.

Critics praised the film for its cinematography, atmosphere and performance, and it was nominated for several industry awards.

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