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That American was able to build a working iPhone without any specific phone knowledge, without barely any electronic background, and simply by walking around from street shop to street shop.

I have been to this place hundreds times myself. I know it is exuberant and exhausting challenge. And yet it is possible. What he posted in that video is actually very realistic. For people who have never seen it, it might looks like a typical story from a low-cost country kitting refurbished parts together to make new products but the reality is totally different. The market is now hosted in tens hundreds? See the map above.

This area gathers all electronic-related items, from basic raw material to electronic components, spares, and complete products of nearly any kind and including their accessories. In this article I will answer the most common questions I am asked about this market, and about Shenzhen as it relates to the production of electronic products. There are a lot of very poor quality products, and some can be considered as scams.

But if you have time and you know how to navigate the market, you can find astonishing products for very low prices. You need to do your homework and have an idea of the price and the quality you need. Others will not discuss about a discount, even for high volume orders.

There are many traders on that market, but also many factories that rent some space and distribute their products. It is possible to find ideas and various components just by walking around. You can find suppliers, get prices, and be given samples there.

For prototyping, it can be an invaluable resource, as everything can be found locally including, tools, measurement devices, and shipping materials.

One can also find manufacturers willing to assemble your product, as long as the quantity is reasonable. Over the past few years, I was able to help many company move their projects ahead thanks to this level of convenience. There are location, or entire buildings, dedicated to certain products e.

But, in general, one can find everything everywhere. In addition, it is nearly impossible to go through all the booths of the market! It would take months. Most shops are small booths of square meters. Each building can have more than stores per floor. It is possible to find special items, but it can be time draining also. What I see is more and more Western startups coming to China to speed up their product development.

The electronic market is actually not only in the Huaqiangbei area. There is an entire ecosystem built around electronics. Everything is in place for developing, producing, and distributing electronic products all around the world.

It makes Shenzhen a place that simply cannot be avoided for the years that come, at least in this industry. The electronic market is full of foreigners with no Chinese speaking ability! Yes it is possible, and many shops employees can speak some English.Then sit back and relax, let us do the rest! We can provide Amazon FBA Product labelpackaging servicebundling and inspection service with 30 Days free storage in our warehouse in china.

Today, most top brands like Apple, Samsung, Sony, and Microsoft have their manufacturing units in China that are manufacturing more than half of their products being sold in the world. The reason is cheap labor, less expensive raw materials, electricity incentives and a lot more that China has to offer. Huaqingbei Shenzhen is known worldwide for the wide range of products it has to offer and tons of suppliers to make it possible for you.

There are a variety of qualities for each product and of course, there is negotiation with these suppliers. If you are in the electronics business or looking to start one.

shenzhen electronics market

Shenzhen electronic market is a must-visit place for you as the products you can find here in bulk quantities at the right price is not possible in any other part of the world. The answer to this question would be, anything you can think of that falls under the category of Electronics. From mobile phones to their accessories, spare parts of the mobiles, LCDs, Computers, IC chips, motherboards, gaming consoles, lights, storage parts, keyboards, mouse, laptops, Tablet PCs and more.

There are no limitations to the market and you can virtually find every imaginable niche of electronic products in Shenzhen Electronic Market. Like any other Chinese wholesale Cities, there are the most famous and significant markets in Shenzhen as well, that are specified to the products being sold there.

You can visit any of these markets conveniently to find the type of electronic products you are looking for the sake of reselling and making your business grow. There are lots of shopping malls and electronic stores in the Huaqiang Bei commercial area, and they all offer different electronics products. The building is the most recognizable in the Huaqiangbei skyline. Seg Electronic building is 71 floors high and spread over good, 48, Square meters.

This is the first high-tech building in China. The building has been divided into two phases, segregating the types of products that are being sold in this market. The products in Seg electronics plaza is of the best quality, compared to other shopping malls in the commercial area, as the quality is guaranteed. The first to ninth floors are used for selling electronic products like phones and computers. The market has a versatile range of products to offer. You can buy a diverse variety of Computer peripherals, computer DIY products, networking products, security-related products, and software.

Some exclusive boutique computer outlets are also located in this market. Tong Tiang market is renowned for all the spare parts and mobile repairing products. The market supplies the needs for all China and almost half of the world for mobile phone repairing products. You can buy a diverse range of products like mobile boards, chips, batteries, LCDs, or other repairing components required to be replaced in mobile phones. Long Sheng Communication market is also well known for the spare parts that can be used for mobile repairing.

This is the second-largest market selling mobile phone spare parts and if you own a mobile repairing business, or want to resell such products. You must pay this market a visit. The market allows you to buy a wide range of mobile phone spare parts and other products that you might need for mobile phone repairing business. Yet, if you are looking for some good quality and rightly priced used cell phones. This is the market for you. The market features a whoopingly large variety of used and refurbished mobile phones.

However, you need professional knowledge of such phones to avoid being scammed and buy the right products in this market. You can buy all sorts of cheap and used mobile phones here. The market has used mobiles of all brands.The market however is not foreigner friendly and requires some local knowledge to navigate.

For US citizens, getting to Shenzhen requires a Chinese visa. Note that some EU countries and Australians are allowed to obtain a special five-day Shenzhen only visa from Hong Kong directly. Check with local regulations, as these rules are dynamic. The traffic in Shenzhen is horrible. The locals will recommend travelling by car after AM and before PM to avoid rush hour.

For example, I left for the airport at PM making the return trip back in 90 minutes, half the time it took to get to Shenzhen in rush hour. I must say the map was invaluable. Below are a few phrases below to get you by. When it comes time to talk price, just point to the calculator. Every vendor has one and is more than willing to negotiate with it.

Be sure and get a card from your hotel with the name and address in Chinese characters and you can simply present the hotel card to a taxi service.

shenzhen electronics market

I found the negotiation process to be very easy and in some cases, the price was more than fair to begin with requiring no haggling.

Having been to some of the touristy electronics markets in Shanghai where the initial prices are 5x to 10x with aggressive sales tactics, this was a welcome relief. Remember these vendors are representatives from their factory and are there to sell in high quantities.

In essence, they are a one-stop-shop for the busy Maker. It was really great to see them in the flesh in Shenzhen. A portion of their business includes supporting small time Maker guys like me.

I am merely a customer who had a great experience and who believes in sharing. Repurposed factory buildings house contemporary art studios, design firms, and some very tasty restaurants.

Each floor specializes in particular component. A PCB board inspection microscope I really wanted an excuse to buy it! A typical apartment complex most Shenzhen residents call home.Recently revitalized after 4 years of construction work, Huaqiangbei Road is now a modern pedestrian-friendly shopping mecca that is mirrored by an underground mall stretching the same distance, the largest of its type in China.

For the first time visitor, it can be almost overwhelming, with so much spread over such a huge area where do you start? Also has a new section for wearables inc. There are also several stores around here selling drones, and one dedicated to DJI drones and accessories with attractive prices on my last visit. Toy quadcopters are everywhere. Wholesale and retail sales.

The World's Greatest Electronics Market - Shenzhen, China

Plus many many more including the chain store electronics retailers Gome and Sunning which have several outlets in the area. In the underground mall, you can find food and beverage, fashion department stores and even some art displays.

I kinda like this place, on one visit I picked up a pair of Nike airwalks for RMB and they are still going strong. Retail department store that is very popular with locals.

B1 floor is all food and good value, there is also a supermarket here. Looking for something a little healthier with WiFi and relaxed seating, try Ajisen Ramen, the Japanese noodle chain, located one floor above Burger King. Also, see my list of the top 15 hotels at Huaqiangbei. To put it very simply, buy brand name electronics in Hong Kong and everything else in Shenzhen. Just buy it in HK. Powered by WordPress. Skip to content. On: October 1, In: MarketsMust SeeShopping. Tagged: clotheselectronicsfashionfutianmobilesmtr: huaqiang lumtr: huaqiang northmtr: huaxin.Originally the markets were planned to be open on February 1st,but the plan was changed to February 9th, on January 27th and today February 5th, the plan is changed again to February 18th,because of the coronavirus from Wuhan, and if the government decides to postpone, the markets will give us notices in advance.

At the beginning of October, the network signal was not available on the higher floors of the buildings but not the signal is available even on the high floors. In Huaqiang Bei when I tested download speed, sometimes it is good and fast, but sometimes it is even slower than a 4G network. I am not sure if it is a problem with my phone or the network itself. I can see from China Unicom APP, their map shows that the majority of the city area of Shenzhen has coverage of 5G network, and I am sure that the coverage is still not enough, they will need to build more and more stations before we can pick up 5G signal everywhere in Shenzhen in a few more months.

Hong Kong has been playing an important role in China especially in economics, Hong Kong is very important in finance, logistics, and foreign talents and so on. It seems that Hong Kong is no longer very reliable for this role. It has been an economic window for China. The development of Shenzhen is huge.

Every one of our clients has been telling me the same story, every time when they come to Shenzhen, they will find something new and innovated, Shenzhen to them is a more developed city than the city they live in.

Shenzhen is already very developed in technology, I think it is better than Hong Kong with regard to technology especially in electronics and the internet. Shenzhen has already attracted talents and investment from all over China, but not from overseas. The guideline wants Shenzhen to be a good demo of a socialist city with Chinese characteristics. It is very comprehensive but I want to show you some important points that we care about. Please review the complete document if you are interested in the whole picture of this guideline.

It is ironic that there is a new market in the electronics marketplace areas for cosmetics. Huaqiang North, Huaqiang Rd. Also, they are a lot of shipping companies behind the market, some people told me that there are more than 1, shipping agents big and small here near the markets. Apliu Street is a simple flea market for mostly used electronics gadgets or phones, while Huaqiang Bei sells more new things than used ones.

It is probably 1 KM long on an open street with a lot of tent booths and some booths by the sides of this street. SEG Communication markets have phone accessories. Pacific market is only focused on security products like cameras. Feiyang market only sells used phones and Yuanwan sells only new phones in wholesale. Longsheng sells only phone parts. Each market is famous for its product categories, and there are some new markets that only offer phone repair services.

And some markets are only specialized in Chinese brand phone business, no iPhone, and Samsung. New gadgets are only seen here first, they are more like the exhibition centers that are open days a year. Many international business companies send their product managers here to source some new products.

The World’s Greatest Electronics Market and a Tour of Shenzhen’s Seeedstudio

People work in Huaqiangbei are not looking for high prices for their items, but they are more concerned about the quantities. Quantity is an important phase that they talk about more than price. However, an old man who comes a long way to sell their old phone in Apliu street is trying his best to get the highest price they ever can get in their life, if not, they come back again after a nice cup of tea in a luxurious restaurant.

Price is so important there in Apliu Street when they negotiate because they have time. If you are from the West, maybe you are white people, most of the time you will find out that you get charged more for the same item than the local Chinese people here. Well, a lot of Western People think that they look rich and this is why they need to pay a higher price. In fact, it is not always like that. However if you are going to deal with the factories or the wholesalers to buy things in bulk, or order custom things for your own designs.

The factories or wholesalers are not trying to rip you off on the unit prices but they hope you can place orders with them in a long term and in big quantity.Most Chinese mobile phones, notebooks, displays, and other electronic products are exported, which makes China a global production base.

Shenzhen being an unrivaled production area of electronics, is a place that will not let you down.

Huaqiangbei Electronics Market

We recommend participating in trade fairs and visiting Shenzhen electronics markets or the factory to make a successful deal. Shenzhen is located in Guangdong province and directly borders Hong Kong. There, in the first special economic zone in China was created, intensively stimulating economic growth. Shenzhen is now one of the most prosperous cities in the world, mainly due to the profits from the electronics industry.

The city itself and its surroundings are filled with countless manufacturers and suppliers of electronics. Below are some of the places located in Shenzhen with a wide range of electronics. North Huaqiang is the area of concentration of many centers and electronics sales points. It covers an area of about 70 million m2. The centers are accessible thanks to the extensive metro line.

Well-known center with a size of almostm2 and a height of over meters. Due to its dimensions, it became the landmark of the city. Established init is currently the second-largest center offering electronics in Shenzhen. Among the proposed products, you can find components, accessories, LED lighting, second-hand electronic devices. The center provides repair of electronics. One of the largest wholesale markets offering refurbished cell phones and from unofficial sources.

At 30, m2 exhibitors offer digital cameras, cameras, stereo systems, MP3 and DVD players, home cinema, walkie-talkies, mobile phones, laptops, network products, as well as printers, scanners, computer monitors, and many more. The place offers smartphones and tablets with Android, as well as cases for phones, iPads, and many more. This center is in a different district of the city than those described earlier. Among other things, there are MP3 and MP4 players, USB devices, and floors from 3 to 6 are dedicated to earphones, headphones and speakers.

Many trade fairs of electronic devices and their components take place each year in Shenzhen, each time presenting technological innovations, which inspires competition to improve their products.

shenzhen electronics market

Below we describe selected fairs. The fair will show products such as laser engraving, traditional and digital signage, large format printers and materials for indoor and outdoor printing, inkjet printers, advertising displays, LED displays, LED lighting, OLED and digital signage. The exhibition aims to build professional solutions for intelligent advertising and LEDs for the entire industrial chain.

It strives to become a comprehensive platform for the purchase of top products. Top optoelectronic products and their components will be presented during the fair. Fairs will present new technologies in the area of smart home, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, offering various types of smart vehicles and electronic components, sensors and wireless modules. Shenzhen is located in a strategic place. The distance to Hong Kong is about 50 km, and Guangzhou — km.

The metro operates from 6 to midnight, and the journey takes 30 min and costs from 2 to 30 RMB. Buses run to many points in the city. A shuttle bus costs 20 RMB. The travel time by bus of a single journey is around 2 hours and costs around 60 RMB. The intercity bus from Guangzhou airport reaches Shenzhen in 3 hours.Completed in and located at the junction of Shennan Road and Huaqiangbei Electronics Market, it stands meters tall when the antenna height is included. It is the 21st tallest in China and the 72nd tallest in the world.

There are a total of 71 stories above ground 72 when counting the helipad and 4 stories underground. The total floor space issquare meters. The four stories underground are parking levels. The floors from the 1st floor through to the 10th floor are taken up by the SEG Electronics Marketa major market of electronics components and finished products of international importance.

The 11th floor is refuge floor. Floor M and 12th floors are European restaurants and a food supply center for the administration. Floors 13 through 69 are white-collar worker office floors of which floors 19, 3449 and 63 are emergency equipment cabinet and shelter levels ; the 70th and 71st floors are observation decks Closed and the 72nd floor is a helicopter landing pad.

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