Sims 4 robot sims mod


A modder by the name of llazyneiph on tumblr has just released a brand new mod pack for The Sims 4called Simdroids! The mod pack turns your Sims into super efficient droids that can be programmed to perform a wide variety of tasks!

Simdroids is a traits based mod that gives you something a little different to play with, with the options of creating Simdroids to live amongst your sims. They will not experience need decay and will learn all skills at an accelerated rate. Perfect Partner — This mode will give your Simdroid whims and interactions that will help them to become a perfect match for your Sim.

They will be able to learn skills such as charisma much faster. Due to the social nature of this setting, Perfect Partner Simdroids will experience social need decay. Celebdroid — These Droids make perfect celebrities, as they learn all musical and theatrical skills much faster. Their whims will be related to all things creative! They also experience social decay! Homemaker — When programmed to Homemaker, Simdroids will become a perfect live-in Nanny!

They will take care of children and cook meals for the family, great for when the parents are working late. Their whims will relate to children and taking care of the home. Homemaker Droids do not experience need decay.

Manual Laborer Droid — These droids will take care of all handy issues around the house and excel at growing a garden.

sims 4 robot sims mod

They will learn all handy and gardening related skills at an accelerated rate. Manual Laborer Droids do not experience need decay. They learn at an accelerated rate and will get whims related to completing homework and learning skills. Childroids will experience energy decay. You can cheat age them up though. I'm a year-old author and Sims-addict based in Canada.

I've been a diehard Simmer since it all started back in and I'll be focusing on providing you with some great tips and tricks to get the most out of your Simming experience here on SC. When I'm not Simming, I'm writing my next novel. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. This is an official mod Matthew, you can download it at the link above for free.

When we get an official Sims 4 pack that features Plumbots it better be full to the brim with D:BH references or I will riot. I absolutely love this mod but does anyone know how to actually program these droids???

Mine are all just the standard right now. Then if it correctly installed 1 Sim with the simdroid trait and then use a different Sim to click on the Simdroid and in the pie menu a choice called Simdroid will be available to choose.

Click simdroid in the pie menu and you can now program the Droid in to the different program options available.The Sims Forums.

Categories Discussions Activity Best Of April 10 - New Friday, new Friday Highlight! Check it out here! April 7 - We just released a patch for The Sims 4. April 6 - A word from our team: coming soon to The Sims 4. Next Go. Simlie20 Posts: 57 Member.

October in The Sims 4 Speculation and Rumor. I watched the University trailer, and I was very puzzled when I saw people wearing robotic arms. I thought did the sims 4 just hint at the addition of prosthetic arms, therefore sims missing limbs???

Or even other types of disabled sims? Soon after, this idea was thrown in the bin: apparently your sims will be able to create robots, dismantle them and even wear their inventions if they are part of the robotics club.

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However, the question remains From physical defects like missing a limb to mental disorders like autism? Or is that too "intense" for the younger audience? I personally think it's not because a lot of children suffer from mental and physical disorders and the game should represent that aspect of life too and raise awareness. PlayerSinger Posts: 2, Member. October I know it's been mentioned in the past that the team is open to disabilities. I wouldn't mind seeing physical disabilties at all, but I personally draw the line at mental disabilities.

I really would hate to see my sims suffer from anxiety like I do. I play to get away from that sort of thing, not to constantly be reminded of it.Type : Fixed.

Sign in Mod The Sims. Remember Me? Don't have an account? Register now. If you have forgotten your password, click hereor if you have forgotten your username, click here instead.

Log in. Overrides - Tuning Mods. MTS has all free content, all the time. Find out how YOU can help to keep it running. Tell me how Description These mods were created because I would notice the Robot Vacuum completely skipping over piles of trash, fur piles, or puddles.

To minimize compatibility issues, it has been split into three packages, along with a single all-in-one package. The SmarterRobotVacuum package removes the random routing behavior the vacuum has.

It will instead go straight for anything it can clean. This also means that it is less likely to ignore piles of trash since it won't be wasting time moving to a random point to perform a "scan" the scan has always been cosmetic, and occurs when it reaches a destination and can't find anything to clean The FurPileVacuumFix enables the vacuum to route to fur piles in my case, from a dog with the Hairy trait.

The vacuum was always able to clean the fur piles, but only if it's random routing happened to take it close enough to one. When choosing an object to route to, it was unable to detect the fur piles, thus they would often get missed. This was fixed by very slightly enlarging the fur pile's footprint I have no idea why the vacuum ignores things whose footprint is too small.

In my most recent test of the mod, I also found my sims were now picking several fur piles up to take to the garbage, instead of one at a time.This site will not work without Javascript.

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Rock That Bot-Tee Aug 21, by silvercyclone. Gaige Outfit Feb 3, by Lavoieri. Gaige Dress Feb 3, by Lavoieri. Gaige Stockings Feb 3, by Lavoieri. Dysfunction Chromatus Skin Oct 28, by Pralinesims. Load more. Ad-blocker plugin detected We have detected that you are using an Ad-blocker plugin. Log in to TSR Login failed!Robotics is a new level skill that comes with The Sims 4 Discover University.

sims 4 robot sims mod

Sims who are interested in crafting a variety of mechanical inventions to do all sorts of tasks for them will want to build the Robotics skill on the Robotics Workstation. Dedicating yourself to the study of Robotics has its hazards, but is ultimately very rewarding. Just click on the Robotics Workstation and tell a Sim to make one. In reality, making robots is much more involved than that.

Certain types of robots may also require other kinds of upgrade parts. Your Sim will be spending a lot of time prepping their robot by crafting the materials required for it before they can get started building the actual robot itself. Sims who want to get heavily involved in Robotics should make sure they have the funds to do so. Crafting robots is not cheap. While Robot Salvage Parts are relatively cheap to purchase, you will need hundreds of them to craft your materials and robots. It also costs quite a lot to build the robots themselves.

Not to mention how time consuming it is to have to craft your materials first before you can even craft your robot. This skill is not for the impatient or broke Sim. However, the upside to this is that robots can be sold for quite a lot of money. You can make a good living off of crafting and selling your robots, especially at higher levels of the Robotics skill. Excellent quality Servos can be sold for thousands of simoleons! If Get To Work is installed, robots can be set for sale on retail lots, too.

Building robots has its dangers!

The Sims 4 Discover University: Robotics Skill Overview

Be careful when using the Robotics Workstation. Sims can be electrocuted while working on the Robotics Workstation. Sims who get electrocuted again while this Dazed moodlet is still active will die from electrocution. The Robotics Workstation can be deadly! Sims at low levels of Robotics skill are more likely to be electrocuted.

Sims in a negative emotional state have a higher chance of being electrocuted as well. Wearing cybernetics can help Sims sustain less injuries from the Robotics Workstation. There are 4 types of Ultili-Bots that can be crafted on the Robotics Workstation. All Utili-Bots have battery charge and durability stats which can be seen when hovering over them.

Tune up your Utili-Bots and recharge them when needed to keep them in working order. Make sure Utili-Bots stay away from water. Exposure to water will break them. This includes rain, if Seasons is installed. Cleaner-Bots: Will clean your house for you. When activated, they will do this automatically.

sims 4 robot sims mod

Party-Bots: These bots have more options than the other Utili-Bots.Requires: Base Game. Patch: 1. Update Notes: Click here. This mod focuses on adding more realism to the game! This mod adds physical changes to sims based on mood, new buffs, and a cellphone menu which is very similar to the social media mod! This mod applies to every sim even the NPC sims. The Sims Catalog has saved a copy of this item in the Sims Cloud archive.

The Sims 4 Supernatural: Official Reveal Trailer - Fanmade

We have done this to protect creations from being lost in the event that their host website is closed down. If the original download links above no longer work, you can still download an archived copy here:. Archived Download. Mackenzie — July 11, Lilly — July 31, Sofia — August 4, Nicolene — October 12, Isabelle — November 1, I have tried uninstalling the other mod but it still has the same effect!

Mac — January 12, Love this mod but wondering if I can shut off the whole period thing. Could live without the acne too, gets old fast. Emilie — January 15, Tester — March 4, Pretty bad mod.

Sasha — March 14, Mindy — April 12, These are the best Sims 4 mods that you need to download right now. Thanks to the community for keeping the series alive, and to the modders for making the game all the better.

First up for this post, I had to hit you guys with this one. This is hands-down one of the best Sims 4 mods of all time. No, one of the greatest Sims mods of all time period. Download it here. Both of them will straight up fix some lag issues that all players face, even those with awesome PCs. These kinds of mods are a downright necessity if your PC is less than tip top, too.

It fixes the lag that has sims sometimes just standing around for hours, fixes autonomy lags, fixes a whole lot.

sims 4 robot sims mod

What this mod does is add realism to your game, giving all of the character models physical changes depending on their mood and buffs. Like if your Sim is feeling embarrassed by talking to someone they find attractive, their cheeks will actually start blushing.

This Explore Mod for Sims 4 also comes from KawaiiStacie and what it does is allows your Sim to leave the lot through rabbit hole places and return with buffs, motive and skill increases, and relationship increases.

This mod comes from SimRealist and allows you to basically rework the health system of the game, making it easier for your Sim to receive medical assistance. You can get your Sim checked up by just using a phone and giving your doctor a call, and if you always wanted your Sim to have a career in health sciences, well, now you can with this mod.

This SNBank mod also comes from SimRealist and it creates an extensive financial system that allows your Sim to have banking accounts just like you do in real life. The mod includes a checking a savings account, a transfer system, credit cards, loans, checkbooks, and even a budget system. Thanks to all of these new functions, you can create storylines that involve paying money back to the back, or taking out a loan to purchase a home or something. You can let your imagination run wild with the SNBank mod and add more realism to your Sims game.

If you ever played TS3, you may have felt a little ripped off upon creating a personality for your Sim in The Sims 4. You can keep this at a balanced number, like 6, or go absolutely crazy and make your Sim an explosion of personality by adding every possible trait.

Finally, your Sims are able to be those smarter ones with, weirder stories. To go along with the additional trait slots your Sim can now hold, you should search out the new traits that modders are coming up with for our families! Want an absent-minded Sim that are dazed by default?

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