Tcl 65r613 specs


Check The F. For Amazon Links - ideally Amazon links are in the format www. Moderators reserve the right to remove your post at our discretion. Messaging Mods via their private inbox not via mod mail will result in a ban and your messages ignored. Is this the latest model? Is this a new model that is not in the stores yet? Is the one at Costco a good one to get, or are they getting rid of the old models and should I wait?

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Guy at Costco tonight said that it was the latest model, but that's not true then. I got this yesterday. I love it. It is the model. Beware of the audio sync problem though. I'm watching and waiting to see if it pops up. The picture is amazing though. I am also interested in this answer as I have also been looking to buy the new TCL6 at costco. Are the boxes black? It's just, as with many products, Costco has their own model number, apparently simply to confuse buyers.

This isn't true. I bought the one from costco. It does not say QLED on the box. It only has 3 hdmi inputs. The supposedly has 4. I don't believe the and the are the same. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.Sale season kicks off soon with Amazon Prime Day deals beginning on Tuesday, October 13 this year.

Black Friday discounts are set to arrive shortly after on Friday, November Somehow TCL continues to drive down the price of its own screens, making its inch and inch 4K TVs more affordable for everyone.

So how thick are we talking? These are invaluable resources for cord-cutters who want live cable-free, and a great alternative to channel surfing for folks who still have a box. This is nice if you have a group of friends over and they all want a turn showing their favorite YouTube clip, or if you want to use your TV as a digital picture frame when family comes to visit.

Even better, that brightness is heavily emphasized by its great contrast ratio and excellent black levels. For that we can thank its full array panel and several dozen contrast control zones that help the TV obtain higher contrast and can make even SDR content look great.

Upscaling, an area that we panned the original P6-Series for inhas gotten significantly better this year thanks to the new AIPQ upscaling engine. For example, The Matrix streaming on HD from Netflix still had bit of noise in some areas and colors looked desaturated. That means motion handling is fine, but can really suffer during fast motion. We opted for the last option and turned on Natural Cinema mode in lieu of motion processing. The former is what allows the TV to reach a peak brightness of around nits without suffering from major haloing while the latter makes its colors really come to life.

Wide Color Gamut or WCG is the driving force behind super saturated images — blues being bluer, greens being greener and so on. In practice, the results are extraordinary and look way above what a TV in this price range should be able to produce. We really liked Vivid for its saturated images and turned the TV brightness setting up from normal to bright and color temperature from warm to normal.

Content captured and transmitted in Dolby Vision contain more low-light and ultra-bright details than standard HDR10 ever could on its own.

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Having it available here on a TV at this price point speaks volumes of about the value TCL created here. No Dolby Vision demo content? In fact, compared to the excellent images, the TV sounds In terms of tonal balance, the 6-Series emphasizes mids and highs rather than wall-shaking bass but at times even the dialogue can be hard to hear.

Moreover, the TV falls a bit short on music or games where explosions reign supreme. Last year, the TCL 6-Series was about the only budget TV we felt confident in recommending to readers, friends and family The Hisense H9F, again available in the same screen sizes, offers a better overall picture quality and uses a Hz panel making it a bit better at handling motion. A far cry from where things were three years ago when the 6-Series first hit the market, this is a very good year for value 4K TVs.

Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer. Home Reviews Televisions.Due to the recent developments with the COVID pandemic, we have implemented strict measures to protect the community at large and our employees alike. Currently, we have very limited telephone support staff and you may experience longer than normal wait times.

However, we have many self-help resources available on our support site, and you can always reach us through e-mail. We greatly appreciate your patience during this time. When shopping for a TV wall mount you will need to first decide what type of mount to purchase and then select one that matches the VESA mount specifications of your television.

A VESA hole pattern is measured in both horizontal and vertical distance between the mounting holes. Next confirm that you are using the correct screws to mount your TV. Using screws of the incorrect length can damage your TV, which is not covered under your manufacturers warranty. Typically mounting kits provide screws and some provide spacers. Follow the mounting kits instructions but confirm you are using screws of the appropriate length.

Refer to the chart at the end of this document for your correct mounting screw size. Also confirm that your TV weight does not exceed the maximum weight rating of mount. Refer to the chart at the end of this document for the hanging weight of your TV. After you have verified the VESA pattern, screw length, and weight requirements of your TV follow the mount manufacturer's instructions for mounting your TV. It is recommended that you take a photo of your serial number tag on the back of your TV prior to mounting.

This will allow you to pull up your TV serial number should you require warranty service in the future. Fixed mounts are the simplest mounts, providing the least amount of options.

With a fixed mount the TV will sit close to the wall and not allow movement or tilt. Tilt mounts sit a few inches from the wall, allowing the TV to tilt up and down at an angle. Tilt and swivel or Full motion mounts allow the TV not only to tilt up and down but also angle left and right. These sort of mounts typically extend the TV a few to several inches from the wall. Please try another search or type in your model number.Amazon Prime membership required.

See individual offer pages for shipping details and restrictions. Not valid for international shipping addresses. Hurry only 1 left! Want more great deals? Sign up for our Daily Digest emails! It has a native resolution of 4K UHD xand HDR10 and Dolby Vision compatibility enable it to produce bright, vibrant colors when used with compatible content and equipment.

Cable routing is simplified with all the input and output terminals located on the side. You can control the TV using just your voice with your Google Assistant- or Amazon Alexa-enabled devices, or with the included voice remote control. Brushed Metal Design The brushed metal design is complemented by a power button that indicates the TV's power status. Enhanced Entertainment Like the apps on your smartphone, your favorites are there the instant you turn the TV on.

You can view streaming content, cable or satellite TV, or free over-the-air programs with an antenna. Mobile App Turn your smartphone or tablet into a streaming companion. Use it as a remote, plug in headphones for private listening, search with your voice or keyboard, and share your own videos, music, and photos to the TV. Voice Remote Find movie titles, launch or change channels, switch inputs, and more, all with just your voice. Push the button on.

Boxes, and APO addresses is not available for this item. Learn more. Woot orders Amazon Prime membership required. Hey, you can only buy 10 of these.

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tcl 65r613 specs

L2: Beginner. I know people will down score this cause it's not a deal, but I will appreciate the FYI. Been waiting this to come at Costco so that I can get the 4 yr warranty with my Costco Visa card. L5: Journeyman.

tcl 65r613 specs

Wonder if it's model? This comment has been rated as unhelpful by Slickdeals users Show Post. L3: Novice.

L6: Expert. Quote from meteora.Dolby Vision delivers greater brightness and contrast, as well as a fuller palette of rich colors. TCL's Contrast Control Zone technology individually optimizes the image across up to zones to yield striking contrast between light and dark areas. Dolby Vision, the premium HDR experience, offers superior contrast and brighter, more accurate colors. Contrast is individually optimized across zones to achieve highly localized areas of striking contrast between bright and dark areas of the image.

Precision color performance tailored to deliver accurate color reproduction and optimized DCI-P3 color space coverage. Details remain visible in any environment — from the darkest home theater to the brightest sun-lit living rooms.

A bold, brushed metal design is complemented by an elegant power button jewel on the front bezel, communicating the 6-Series' power and refinement even before you turn it on. The award-winning Roku TV smart platform providing seamless access to overmovies and TV shows through a simple, intuitive interface. No more flipping through inputs or wading through complicated menus. All your favorites are at your fingertips from the instant you turn it on.

Choose from thousands of streaming channels plus live sports, news, music, kids and family, food, science and tech, fitness, foreign language, and so much more. The best way to watch all of your favorite content — whether you stream it, pay for a cable or satellite subscription, or use the built-in tuner to enjoy free over-the-air channels — the TCL Roku TV makes it easy to enjoy it all.

Turn your smartphone or tablet into a convenient streaming companion. Use it as a remote, plug in headphones for private listening, search with your voice or keyboard, and turn your phone into your very own entertainment guide. The super-simple Roku TV remote has only 20 buttons to make navigating easier. For gamers, a responsive TV is just as important as one with a good picture.

With 4K resolution, ultra-low lag-time, and Dolby Vision HDR, it offers both premium picture and responsive performance. Overview Specifications Downloads. Bold Design A bold, brushed metal design is complemented by an elegant power button jewel on the front bezel, communicating the 6-Series' power and refinement even before you turn it on. Endless Entertainment The award-winning Roku TV smart platform providing seamless access to overmovies and TV shows through a simple, intuitive interface.

Immersive Gaming For gamers, a responsive TV is just as important as one with a good picture. Warranty 1 year limited warranty.We purchase our own TVs and put them under the same test bench, so that you can compare the results easily.

No cherry-picked units sent by brands. It has good dark scene performance due to the full-array local dimming and high native contrast so blacks appear deep even in a dark room. It's also great for HDR, as it has great brightness. Although it can produce a wider color gamut than Rec. It also has an excellent low input lag for gamers, and unlike the TCL P it can flicker the backlight to clear up fast motion and interpolate low frame rate content.

Very good TV for mixed usage. The R is a versatile TV that's good for pretty much everything. There are some gray uniformity issues, which makes it a less good choice for sports due to the dirty screen effect, and the image degrades rapidly when viewed at an angle, which is bad for those with wide seating. Great TV for watching movies in a dark room. The TCL 6 Series has an excellent native contrast ratio, and the local dimming feature is decent for dimming darker areas of the screen.

There may be some issues with uniformity, depending on your specific panel. Good TV for watching TV in a brightly lit room. The R is able to get very bright and can overcome most glare, but the reflection handling isn't as good as high-end TVs, so some direct glare might be bothersome. The picture quality also degrades rapidly when viewed at an angle, which is bad for those with wide seating.

It has a great response time that makes fast-moving motion look clear. This TV can get really bright and it does a decent job with reflection handling, so you can still place it in a bright room. The gray uniformity is mediocre, so there's visible dirty screen effect that you'll notice when watching sports. Additionally, the viewing angles are poor, so it's not a good TV to watch with a big group of people.

The 55R is amazing for playing video games. Gamers will enjoy the incredibly low input lag and great response time, plus it has a black frame insertion feature to help reduce motion blur.

This TV has a great contrast ratio, resulting in deep blacks if you game in the dark. Unfortunately, if you're looking for an immersive gaming experience, the sound quality is disappointing. However, this TV displays p content, such as from older consoles, almost as well as 4k content. The TCL 6 Series gets very bright in HDR, and the excellent native contrast and decent local dimming make for a good dark room viewing experience.

It also has a good wide color gamut, but it isn't as wide as higher-end TVs. The R has excellent low input lag in game mode, and it has a great response time so games are free of annoying trails. The native contrast and good color gamut help games look their best. It doesn't support a Hz input, so some gamers might be disappointed. Good TV for use as a PC monitor. The 6 Series supports chroma when in PC mode, so text looks sharp and clear.

TCL 6-Series QLED Roku TV (55R625, 65R625) review

It has low input lag and a good response time which keeps it responsive. The viewing angle is quite limited, so if sitting too close, the edges of the screen might fade and lose detail.

tcl 65r613 specs

There are also many reports of uniformity issues, so using it for web browsing might be a problem for some people. The R has a simple design, but it looks a bit bulky mainly because of its thick bezels. The stand is very wide, so you'll need a big table to hold it, but it supports the TV well. You'll need a very wide table to put it on.

It's made of metal and feels strong and sturdy. This change in material is a nice departure from the plastic feel of older TCL models. Footprint of the 55" TV stand:

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